CrossFit Sudbury – 28062017 – Tempting to Touch

Hey Folks!

Boom – thanks for all the wall balls and slam ball action – got some solid data (I’m considering making that one part of the intake process for new folks joining our gym).  Always trying to learn and make things better – that’s just how we do things 🙂

The weather is all over the place it seems – I usually avoid programming running on days when its going to rain, though it’s tough to do that lately.  So I’m just going to program it, and if it happens to be raining when you’re working out – ask your coach about what is appropriate to sub in, or enjoy a refreshing run.  Just don’t slip out there when it’s wet.

Coaches Notes:

The snatches should be somewhat challenging, but you shouldn’t be missing ANY of them.  I want you guys to get used to making lifts and be surprised when you miss one because it’s been so long since you have.  Then we’re going to do a max set of overhead squats (you’ll probably bobble the bar and drop it at some point, that’s ok) – Challenge yourself on them.  When you want to stop and drop or rack the bar… do one more rep.  If you stop on a round number (5-10-15-20 etc.) then you probably could have done 6-11-16-21 etc.)  And if you’re going to do 6, you might as well do a 7th rep.  You get the drift.  You don’t know how much you can do until you do it.  ON the conditioning – a double touch is 1 pull up and then 1 toes to bar.  You have to alternate them.  The lunges are 5 right arm and 5 left arm (or vice versa).  Rest when you need to in order to maintain a steady pace.  You may find doing singles with little rest on the double touches is faster than swinging all over the place trying to find a rhythm.

 Weightlifting – Snatch & Overhead work:

Every Minute for 7 Minutes:
1 Snatch + 1 Snatch Balance @70%

Minute 8:
1 set – Max Overhead squats at the same weight

Conditioning – “Tempting to Touch”

10 Minute AMRAP:
10 Double Touches (1 pull up + 1 toes to bar)
10 Single arm Overhead Walking lunges (50/35 dumbbell, 5L+5R – scale to plate overhead or unweighted)