CrossFit Sudbury – 22062017 – Amanda

Hey Folks!

Couple great sprints today – good work!  Yes I know the sleds had lots of rest between them.  Yes, you guys still slowed down significantly on your third push versus first (during the same interval).  Yes, that means I put the right time domains 🙂  Sometimes rest is a little “boring” (but not so bad if you shoot hoops between intervals!)

Amanda today!  It’s a great WOD.  It’s even better if you scale it properly (down or up).  For the set of 9 snatches, you should be able to do the 9 unbroken, though you probably wouldn’t choose to (hopefully that makes sense).  Three sets of 3 with short rests is probably a better idea.  With the Muscle ups – do them unbroken if possible, and if not, make sure you don’t fail any reps.  So drop down off the rings/bar before you fail and take a few breaths before jumping back up.  Sub in Chest to bar pull ups, or strict banded pull ups, and dips/ring dips at an equal amount of reps, if need be.

Coaches Notes:

See above

Benchmark – “Amanda”:

For time:
Squat Snatches 135/95#

Bonus Conditioning – “Legs like linguini”:

3 Rounds for time:
8 Back Squats @70%
25 Cal Assault bike