CrossFit Sudbury – 21062017 – “Dub Guns”

Hey Folks!

Great work today – CLASSIC CrossFit metcon there.  We’ve got some pistol work lined up – so make sure you’re getting some good movement prep in (the sled pushes should help warm you up).  Amanda on the slate for Thursday.  The Snatch work we did last week (if you were in that day) should give you a very good idea as to how much weight to use on this benchmark.  If you weren’t using 135 for at least your set of 5, then you shouldn’t be using it for this workout – which isn’t a bad thing!  You don’t want to spend a bunch of time staring at a bar or worse, failing reps.

Coaches Notes:

Sled pushes!  teams of three make it very convenient (and way more fun) to get a 2:1 rest to work ratio.  The sled should always be moving in that scenario, and if you’re givin’ er crap then 1 minute should be plenty of time to work on it at a time.  This should be an ALL OUT effort.  Dub Guns is either going to be “easy” for some folks, or very frustrating (if you’re bad at both pistols AND double unders) – but take it in stride and get the quality practice in there.  It shouldn’t be too long of a workout, either.  You can sub in single leg squatting to a bench or box, or even doing step ups (or weighted step ups).  The WOD isn’t too long and the sprints will last 7 minutes, so there’s some optional, extra “cardio” in there.  Holding a split for as long as you can is a good way to develop mental toughness, good breath timing, and technique (better technique means doing something like this being EASY compared to terrible).


In groups of 3:
Partner 1 pushes the sled 20m (the width of our two units)
Partner 2 pushes it back
Partner 3 pushes it back
etc. etc. etc.

1 Minute of work, 2 Minutes rest. 3 Rounds. Record total distance covered by the team. Don’t go too heavy.

Conditioning “Dub Guns”:

For time:
21-15-9 Pistols
42-30-18 Double unders

*Alternating movements (21 pistols, 42 DUs, 15 pistols, etc.)

Cardio (Optional Cash Out):

Hold a challenging split for as long as possible (nothing crazy – Men can ball park somewhere around a 1:50-2:00, women somewhere around 2:05-2:15)