CrossFit Sudbury – 20062017 – Triscuits

Hey Folks!

whooooo – that looked like a spicy one.  Real mental test from what I saw.  In case you were wondering, you weren’t meant to get too many wall balls.  I programmed a similar WOD in the past and you guys got too many wall balls last time haha, so I made it more difficult.  The important stuff got worked on though (C&J and Toes to bar) – as well as that area between the ears.

Don’t forget, with the addition of more running over the summer, and us still doing box jumps and skipping occasionally – your achilles tendons/calves are going to get a little beat up.  Make sure you’re foam rolling, stretching, laX balling, and otherwise giving some lovin to those lower legs.  If you need help – speak with one of our therapists before things get too gnarly.

Coaches Notes:

Double overhand deadlifts – to help with your grip strength, as well as to prevent asymmetry.  They’re harder for sure, and if they’re WAY harder, then you need the work on your grip 😉  For the handstand work, challenge yourself, but also be reasonable.  It’s practice, which means high quality, deliberate work.  Quality trumps quantity EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  Because improving the quality of your movements will translate to greater quantity.  Improving the quantity of your movements without respect given to quality, will just get you injured (which is the opposite of fit).  Trust me/us on this one.  I’m/We’re slightly trained in this area of expertise.  For the conditioning work, keep moving is the name of the game.  Triscuits aren’t that good, but for whatever reason you keep eating them (if you’re eating them).  The weights/heights/reps aren’t enough for you to need to stop for any lengthy amount of time.  Set that pace… and then go slightly faster than it.  (just make sure you’re lifting your feet on the box jumps!)

Strength work:

Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
ODD Minutes – 5 Deadlifts @70% (double overhand grip, no hook)
EVEN Minutes – 30 seconds of Handstand push ups (or a hold, or some combination of the two, or add in some dumbbell presses).

Conditioning – “Triscuits”:

12 minute AMRAP:
4 Push Press (135/95)
8 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 Walking Lunges