CrossFit Sudbury – 15062017 – “Cindy”

Hi Friends!

Thursday coming at ya!  BIG thank you to everyone that took time out of their day to go to Vrab’s and bag some groceries / sell some groceries for the Elgin St. Mission.  Hopefully we helped to put some food in a few mouths.  Also a big Thank you to Ramakko’s, the Sunrisers, and whoever else I don’t even know about, who helped to organize the event (Lori!)

Great work to everyone gutting it out on the bikes today – it didn’t look easy!

In other news, our coaches are having a blast helping you guys move better, learn faster, and make the small tweaks you need to make to improve every day.  That being said, make sure you’re being helpful and not impeding our coaches ability to help people, by trying to coach members yourself.  Coaching is a craft I’ve been working on since 2009 (and will continue to for many many years to come), and our coaches take seriously (they not only do their CF-L1, but they work their way through a 2+ year apprenticeship / professional coaching program).  Over the years, we learn that some people respond well to being loudly told, “Let’s go!”, while others respond more ferociously to an almost whisper of, “good work, now keep it up”.  It takes time to learn which people prefer which methods, and in some cases, some people prefer certain methods only at certain times.  So please don’t cheapen what we do with a random tip you may have heard through your brothers uncles roommates cousin, or by trying to do our coaches jobs in other ways.  Share the tip you heard?  Yeah for sure, but maybe consider asking the people who are doing this stuff all day, every day what their thoughts are on it (if you know me well… You know I’m likely to say, “sure…”, or, “it depends…”, so there’s no need to be worried about the response haha)


Coaches Notes:

Cindy is an old school favourite of mine (though I also weighed 175lbs back in the day).  And is a fun, long grind.  Typically the push ups get hard.  You can’t segment the push ups (you can break up the set, i.e. 5 and 5, or 5, 3, 2, but can’t do 5 push ups, 5 pull ups, 5 push ups, 15 squats).  Have fun with it.  Don’t tear your hands!

Conditioning/Gymnastics work – “Cindy”:

As many rounds as possible in 20 min

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats