CrossFit Sudbury – 13062017 – Thrusterseses

Hi Friends!

Holy moly those bikes got tough.  Legs were finished after the first one.  It was fun though!  Good little assessment of how quickly your legs can recover after having been stressed.

Weightlifting club is starting back up tomorrow night (assuming there is interest!)  I’ll be there tomorrow night with some awesome weightlifting programming and some good tips – you come on out if you’d like to improve your technique and skill with the lifts!  The price is still 69+tax for the 6 weeks (there may be the odd day with altered hours, but I’ll try to minimize them!)

Coaches Notes:

Some simple strength work to start.  The back squats should be challenging, though with minimal breakdown of form.  Pull ups are for volume and fun, so don’t worry about planning them out – go for a true max on your first set, not worrying about what the second and third sets get (though kudos if you can keep it the same).  On the WOD, it’s just thrusters, though in unbroken sets.  Challenge yourself and have fun.  This one requires a lot more planning/strategy than we normally have.  It’ll be a good test to see how well your know your body.  Don’t rest enough and those 15 will feel like they weigh 1000 pounds.  Wait too long and your time will suffer.  Good times 🙂


Back Squat
3 sets of 5 @65%
* 1 set of max strict pullups after each set.

Stamina & Strategy – “Thrusterseses”

21-15-9 For time:
Thrusters (115/73)

*Unbroken sets. If you need to dial the weight down a bit, that’s ok. But challenge yourself to get that set of 21. Rest as needed between sets, but keep in mind the whole workout is for time.  If you are asking your coach if you can just do 45 unbroken thrusters then the weight isn’t heavy enough.