CrossFit Sudbury – 09062017 – Monopoly

Hey Friends!

Boom – Friday is coming up!  A nice little WOD lined up for you guys after some epic WODs the last two days.  It’ll be a little less intense (maybe), but it DOES involve more running as the skill work.  If your calves are ruined for some reason – work on some back squats or front squats and prep that tissue for pistols.

I’ve posted a social media a bit, but we didn’t really tell everyone – Kristin and I are at the Madlab Summit in Las Vegas.  We’ll be hanging out with a whole bunch of other CrossFit (more specifically, Madlab) gym owners and coaches, learning from folks like Robb Wolf, Brian MacKenzie, Kenny Kane, Jill Miller, and a bunch of others – so we’re pretty excited about being in the heat, hanging out with other, like-minded gyms, and learning a whole bunch of awesome stuff to help improve our awesome place 🙂  Thank you to our amazing coaches who are not in Vegas, but get to hang out with you lovely folks (it does feel weird being away).  We’ll try to stay active on the social medias, but we only have wifi (I’m not paying those crazy data fees to roam!)

Coaches Notes:

Runs!  These are meant for skill and speed work.  Focus your energy on technique (use your hammies!) and try to finish each run in the same amount of time.  On the WOD – Pistols are always fun!  Find a method of doing them that allows you to move fairly steadily but still challenges you.  Aim to get the toes to bar and rows done unbroken (grip will be smoked a bit for the rows, but hang on and use those rhomboids/middle traps to pull the bar up!

Skill work:

Run 300m (for the sake of simplicity, this is a lap around OUR building)
Rest 1.5 Minutes.

*Aim to keep your runs within a few seconds of each other.

Metcon – Monopoly:

10 Minute AMRAP:
10 Pistols (scale to pistols to a box, or with the help of a band slung across the hooks in a rack)
10 Toes to bar
10 Bent over rows (75/53)