CrossFit Sudbury – 06062017 – 2008 CrossFit Games Workout B

Hi Friends!

Hope you all enjoyed Nancy and had some fun running and squatting 🙂  Travelling with a baby is no joke!  And we’ve only been driving around Southern Ontario – I get the feeling we’ve still got lots to learn re: Parenting haha.

It’s going to be a great week – we have Nate on Thursday, and some good “monostructural” work on the strength, stamina, and endurance end of things.  Come on in and have some fun!

Coaches Notes:

Bench Presses and walking lunges for some strength work – slow tempo on the bench press lowering – which will help with feeling when the barbell is in the “groove” versus when it isn’t.  You should feel strong when it’s in the “groove” and will likely find it more difficult to lower/not so strong when pressing it back up if you aren’t.  On the WOD – ensure you’re using your hips and maintaining a flat back (I heard disc herniations aren’t good for you), and take advantage of those giant glutes and hamstrings, versus your lumbar erectors.  Then go for broke on the burpees.  See how tall and nice Matt Chan is in the video.  That’s how your burpees should look.  Virtuosity.

Strength work:

Every minute for 10 Minutes:
ODD Minutes – 4 Tempo Bench Press @60% (SLOW on the way down, 3-5 second descent, then FAST up)
EVEN Minutes – 8 DB Front Rack Walking lunges (whatever weight is appropriate)

*Make sure you are stepping UP and THROUGH on the walking lunges, versus pushing back up and then transitioning forwards. This will help with determining which weight is best. Be mindful of any hip sway side to side too, your hips should stay level to the floor.

Metcon – 2008 CrossFit Games Workout B (Deadlift/Burpee)

5 rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts (275/185 lb.)
10 Burpees

Barbell cannot be dropped from the waist (not even on rep 5). Hands must clap together above head on burpee.
*Looks like 2008 fastest times were around 2:30-3:00 for men and 4:00 for women.