CrossFit Sudbury – 01062017 – Partner Aggregate Fight Gone Bad

Hi Friends!

Sooo, it looked like lots of great decisions were made re: scaling Murph to an appropriate level.  I was crunched for time and ended up doing half – and I’m actually pretty happy about it, haha.

You may have noticed the new fleet of Assault bikes!  A bit of an investment, but now we don’t have to worry about the poor old Airdynes breaking down anymore.  BUT – As the Assault bikes are new – if you notice anything that feels a little loose – LET A COACH KNOW IMMEDIATELY.  Continuing to crush extreme on loose things = stripped bolts = useless thousand dollar machines.  These are supposed to be indestructible, but they won’t be if we treat them like crap.  ALSO – with the seats – TIGHTEN THE KNOBS ON THE SEATS BEFORE YOU WARM UP, DO A WOD, OR RIDE THE BIKES IN ANY WAY.  If you continue to ride on a wobbly seat, you will ruin the bolt and nut assembly on them.  I very much don’t want these to go the same way as the GHD (which is functional, but neglect broke some pieces on it and it’ll now be slightly wobbly going forward, sadly).

Ok.  Enough “yelling”.  Please don’t make me regret investing in nice things for the gym.  Treat them like you want them to last a long time.

Coaches Notes:

45 second sprints on the Bikes and some quality work with the kettlebell.  Attack the bike and take your time on the turkish get up.  Then find a friend and crush the WOD together.  Since you’ll be getting 1:1 work to rest, You should be crushing the WOD as hard as you can. 🙂


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
ODD Minutes – 45 second Assault bike or Airdyne
EVEN Minutes – 2 to 3 Turkish Get-ups per side for quality.


With a Partner, Complete in order, for time (one person working at a time):
80 Wall Ball
80 Hang power clean (75/53)
80 Box Jumps (20/16)
80 Push press (75/53)
80 Cal Row