CrossFit Sudbury – 25052017 – Evasion

Hey Friends!

CrossFit Total in the books – Hope you guys had a blast.  It’s always a little weird feeling to only lift, but it’s a different stimulus and challenging in its’ own way.  Hope you guys are inspired, whether you PR’d or not to keep working hard, and hopefully improve some numbers 6 months from now when we repeat it.

Next week we’ve got Murph on Wednesday.  Should be lots of fun, AND you should all be recovered from the battle.

Coaches Notes:

How well can you pace out your ring dips?  Do you go with 1 huge set and hope to squeek out the rest later on?  Or do you divide it up adding in your cleans into a little EMOM style strength session?  It’s up to you, there’s no wrong way, though ultimately, I prefer going for bigger sets or at least plan slightly unrealistic sets.  On evasion, the easy way to get more distance is to airdyne further, but same deal as above, make things interesting and add notes in your journal about how much distance you made it in each domain.


For Time:
50 Ring Dips

* Every time you drop from the rings, do 3 Power Cleans @65%

Metcon – Evasion:

Cover as much distance as possible in 20 Minutes:
Row, Run, and Airdyne as far as you can in 20 Minutes. Split them up as desired but you must:
Run at least 800m
Row at least 1000m
Air dyne at least 800m

Compare to November 30th and March 3rd of 2016.