CrossFit Sudbury – 18052017 – Grace

Hey Friends!

Did you enjoy the Hidden Valley Ranch?  It was delicious, wasn’t it?  Hope you all enjoyed it, and challenged yourselves with the knees to elbows.

This weekend – Monday is going to be just 10am-12noon.  Otherwise, hours are normal! 🙂

Coaches Notes:

We’ve got some moderately heavy deadlifts, that should be lifted with quality in mind.  Make a deliberate effort to control the descent of the barbell.  It’s harder on your hamstrings, as far as soreness, but for tendon health, it’s great.  Bottoms up KB Presses are awesome for forcing good shoulder positioning.  Challenge yourself, but obviously, don’t drop a KB on your head.
For Grace – Plan your sets (or do one set of 30…) and control your rest periods.  Make an effort to go right from the clean into the jerk (i.e. the catch position of the clean is also the dip position of the jerk) – so that you aren’t wasting time under tension.  If you’re split jerking, make sure you bring your feet back together before dropping the bar.  If you push jerk, make sure you stand the bar all the way up before you drop the bar.  Have fun with it and remember to breathe!

Strength/Skill work:

Every Minute for 6 Minutes:
ODD Minutes – 3 Deadlifts @70% (slow down when lowering the bar back to the ground, nothing TOO slow, but controlled back to the ground)
EVEN Minutes – 3 Bottoms up KB Presses per arm (use whatever is appropriate)

Metcon – “Grace”:

30 reps for time
Clean and Jerk 135/95#