CrossFit Sudbury – 16052017 – Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey Friends!

Another sneaky WOD, and some reeeeeaaalllyy nice looking squats at those higher percentages today.  Hope you guys are getting stoked for the long weekend, and for the battle beyond the barbell!  We’re finalizing details and getting everything planned.  You guys are going to love it.  Make sure to tell your family, friends, cousins, brothers roommates, and even your enemies to come out and cheer for you, and also to bring cash for the raffles and other stuff going on to help support the Janis Foligno Foundation!

Coaches Notes:

MOAR Shoulder presses!  Gonna build up the stability and stamina in those shoulders.  Ever find you burn out on handstand push ups?  Well, the combo of Bench press and now transitioning into strict presses is going to help fix that issue.  It’s a long road as they’re small muscles, but we’re going to make them bigger/stronger.  Practice running while holding a med ball – the medball puts more of a load on the legs during the run not only because of the added weight, but because it takes away the rhythm you get through your upper body and arms while running.  It will however, make you very efficient through your legs!
On the WOD – this should be a sprint, so long as you feel comfortable “sprinting” up the rope.  If you don’t, that’s ok – take your time and get composed before you attempt it.  Sub in some mixed grip pull ups (about 5) if you would rather do that than climb the rope.  Hammer the airdyne like it’s going out of style.  If you need to do the WOD in groups of 3 that’s ok too – just start the airdyne right away after the first person finishes – but make sure you’re getting some rest between rounds.


Every 1.5 Minutes for 6 Rounds:
ODD Rounds – 12 Strict Press @55%
EVEN Rounds – ~100m (to the end of the building towards RHP and back) Med Ball run (you choose weight)

Metcon – Shampoo & Conditioner

14 Minute AMRAP:
With a partner – alternating rounds. (Partner 2 starts when Partner 1 finishes his rope climb and vice versa)
15 Calorie Airdyne
1 Rope Climb