CrossFit Sudbury – 02052017 – Starsky & Hutch

Hey Friends!

Different WOD today – it was tough to gut through the push presses and box jump overs.  I’m with Sara on this one being hard on the feet.  If you were able to bang out all 25 push presses on every set, then you should consider using heavier dumbbells next time 🙂

We always want to keep in mind the training stimulus we’re looking for.  An example would be Fran.  If you have a sub 3 Fran, well it might be time to scale it up to chest to bar pull ups, or thrusters at 105 or 115 instead of 95.  It’ll slow you down, but so long as you’re done in under 6 minutes, you’re on the right track (and imagine how much easier normal Fran will feel afterwards).  On the flip side, if it’s taking you longer than 6-7 minutes, you’ve gone too heavy, or used too difficult a pull up variation/set up.  I know it’s difficult sometimes to gauge it as you want to challenge yourself, but just some food for thought for approaching the WOD.

Coaches Notes:

On the complex, you can rest with the barbell in the front rack, or on your thighs, but it can’t rest on the ground.  The hang power clean should probably limit the amount of total weight you use, though if you’re not mobile in the full clean, then that’s where you’ll run into trouble.  Be careful if you need to bail to have your elbows either inside or outside your knees – but not right in line with them.  There’s no hacking the metcon – you have to row faster to get through the 10 calories faster, and eventually get more calories that way. Snatches are done as Snatches. There’s no trick to them haha.  If you’re on your own, use the time spent rowing as the amount of time you’ll do your snatches.


Spend 10-15 minutes working up to a 1RM of the complex:
Hang Power Clean + Power Clean + Clean
*Reps should be touch and go.

Metcon – Starsky & Hutch:

Partner WOD!
Pair up with someone who has a similar snatch 1RM to you and perform the following to accumulate as many Reps & Calories as possible in 8 Minutes of:
Snatch (power, squat or split) 135/95/~60%
Calories on the rower.
*or scale as appropriate for something you can power snatch without too much trepidation

– One person Snatches while the other Rows 10 Calories. Then Switch (mandatory). Alternate that way.

Optional Cash Out:

60 Wall Ball for time.  10 Burpees each time you stop doing wall balls (so catching it and holding it won’t save you).