CrossFit Sudbury – 01052017 – Nails on a Chalkboard

Hey Friends!

We’re starting a new week AND starting a new month.  All sorts of new stuff to get excited about there (maybe?).  We’re eventually maxing out our back squat, bench press, snatch, deadlift and press this month.  So look forward to updating those numbers and then disliking the increased percentages going forward after that.  We also have the sexy battle beyond the barbell coming up late this month.

SO many awesome things happening.

pic of the day is like Where’s Waldo – but it’s me in NZ.

Coaches Notes:

More strength work on the bench & skill work with the rope climbs/pull ups.  Quality, aggressive reps please.  On the WOD – this is meant to be a mental test.  I normally program smaller rep ranges since I like you guys moving consistently, so plan your breaks/rests, and aim for consistent movement.  A little more strategy is going to be required for this one 🙂 Weight plate is held NOT through the hole, but with a pincer grip.  It’ll smoke the grip pretty good.  You’re welcome haha.


Bench press
5 sets of 5 @70%

Rope Climbs/Rope Climb practice/Pull up practice:
5 sets of whatever works for you. Challenge yourself (legless, with a vest on, try doing a 1 pull rope climb, etc.) Pair up with a friend or two to share benches.

Metcon – Nails on a Chalkboard:

3 Rounds for time:
25 Dumbbell Push Press
25 Box Jump-overs
6 lengths Weight plate farmers carry (35/25)*

*Plate in one hand, switch after 1 length of the gym and do the other length with the other hand, alternate back and forth until all 6 lengths are done.