CrossFit Sudbury – 28042017 – Vac Man

Hey Friends!

Well… we’re back to Friday again.  The weeks seem to drag until the end of Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday fly by – typical.  haha 🙂

Weightlifting Club is ending its’ current cycle on Saturday – Everyone has improved their technique a LOT, which is awesome, so I’m stoked to see some subjective (and maybe even objective) PR’s on the weekend.  Subjective would be more like (wow, 90% never felt so good before), or feeling more comfortable dropping into a squat in a clean or snatch.  Lots of things to work on ALL the time.

remember this toy?

Coaches Notes:

Crush the row.  It isn’t like a 500m, where you can forego technique and still get a pretty good time.  Set the feet where you need them, get the damper setting right, and plan on a technique you’d like to use.  Whether it’s setting a fast pace on the first 500, coasting for 1000, and then going for broke on the last 500 – or planning out some more aggressive pulls along with some recovery pulls – whatever works best for you.  Aim for a PR though 🙂  Metcon will come down to the ring dips.  How quickly can you get through them – then get going on the run and swings as they’re the “easy” part.


2000m Row

Metcon – Vac Man:

For time:
21 KB Swings (70/50)
21 Ring Dips
200m Ball Run
15 KB Swings (70/50)
15 Ring Dips
200m Ball Run
9 KB Swings (70/50)
9 Ring Dips
200m Ball Run