CrossFit Sudbury – 27042017 – Enduro-Bear

Hey Friends!

Filthy fifty went down and you guys rocked it.  Always a challenge to get those knees to those elbows, but you gotta try (especially if you’re capable, but just don’t want to “slow down”).  Glassman said it’s easy to run a 4 minute mile, when it’s only a half mile.

It’s supposed to be beautiful outside (though maybe a thunderstorm at some point?) Thursday, so we’re running!  and also lifting a barbell up and down.  Get after it and have some fun.  We did this one back on August 5th.

Keep an eye out for some benchmarks over the next bit – we’re going to be scheduling them throughout the year as a great gauge of where we are with our crossfit-ness 😛

Coaches Notes:

Some speed work on the back squats – 30 seconds isn’t a lot of time, so stay tight, and get those reps!  On the powercleans – Stay tight, use the hook grip and no pausing on the ground.  On the WOD, set a steady pace on the run so that you can approach the bar immediately and get to work on the barbell.  You ARE allowed to do a squat clean thruster followed by a thruster off the back.


3 sets for max reps:
30 seconds of Back Squats @40-50%
1 Minute rest.


Warm up to 60% of your Power Clean, and then do one set of MAX unbroken Power Cleans. Remember, anything above a squat is “power” – so make sure you’re jumping your feet “down” and not “out”.

Metcon – Enduro-Bear:

3 Rounds for time:
400m Run/500m Row/30 burpees
5x Bear Complex (Deadlift + hang power clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Push Press) @50% of your Clean & Jerk 1RM

*Compare to Aug. 5, 2016