CrossFit Sudbury – 10042017 – Millions of Peaches

Hey Friends!

The weekend is OVER.  We’ve got a short week coming up – We’ll be closed for good Friday and Easter Sunday, but have normal hours on Saturday and Monday.

More back squats (less reps, more weight – move it well).  Base the weight you use off the weight you did last week.  If the 12’s almost killed you, maybe use the same weight.  If they were easy, be a little more cavalier with your weight choice.

Check out the consistency in the lifts.  The European Weightlifting Championships have been on all week and the performances are so impressive.  Tatiana Kasharina of Russia, STARTED her lifts 7 kilos ahead of the next lifters best lift, and STARTED her clean and jerks 15 kilos ahead of the next lifter best lift.  For there to be that much separation at that high a level of competition – She’s like the Wayne Gretzky of 90+kg women lifters.  She’s also insanely technically sound.

Coaches Notes:

See above for squat info.  Work on those pull ups and aim for a nice L-sit position.  Feel free to do a L-sit CHIN up (i.e. palms facing toward you) if the positions are hard to hit.  On the WOD – break up the reps as is necessary to maintain your lungs, and move faster on average.  42 and 30 Wall balls are a lot to do, so break them up as you see fit.  Make sure you’re using your legs on the wall balls too. If you do end up breaking the sets up – make a goal to transition between movements very quickly (knowing you’ll be breaking the set up, so rest after your first set).


Every 2.5 minutes for 3 rounds:
10 Back Squats @60%
5 L Pull ups

*Substitute strict pull ups ensuring a hollow position during the pull.

Metcon – Millions of Peaches:

For time:
Wall Ball 20/14