CrossFit Sudbury – 05042017 – Eleanor

Hey Friends!

Great work today on the lung burner (but I like the stairs! [ref: Fatty Magee)  Not sure how I had convinced myself I would make 25 burpees in that first round… 16 was all I had 🙂

Hope you’re all living the dream and loving life.  If you haven’t had a chance, check out Steph’s “Core Stability & Pull-up Progression” program.  She’s opening up another day and has a little room if you or someone you know (maybe even someone from outside the gym – they’re more than welcome to join!) is interested.  Also… get your parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, etc. signed up for Sarah’s Vitality program.  Strength and conditioning in a very unintimidating environment.

Coaches Notes:

Snatch Technique work.  We go from hips to knees to floor as each lift should build on the last,  You need to get to the hips every time.  So when you dip to the knees, make sure you get that bar into the hips on the way up.  When lifting from the floor, make sure you’re checking in at the right position above the knees (sweeping the bar back into the thighs).  then from there into the hips.  If we video’d all 3 positions, then cut them all at the hips, they should all look identical (maybe some speed differences, but positioning-wise they’d be identical).  That’s the goal.  A nice Barbell WOD to mix up from yesterdays endurance work.  Aside from maybe some tight quads, yesterdays work should have primed you well for todays Snatches and barbell work.


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
3 Position Snatch (Hips, knees, floor) @60%

Metcon – Eleanor (last done Dec. 30 2016)

6 minute AMRAP:
8 Deadlift (135/95/65)
6 Hang Power cleans (same)
4 Overhead squat (same/same/front squat)