CrossFit Sudbury – 27022017 – Speebility

Hey Friends!

17.1 just about over with!  For those signed up for the Open through the CrossFit Games website – don’t forget to submit your scores!  Looks like they started to get a handle on the website, though it’s still kinda cumbersome.  For the intramurals, don’t forget to:

  • Submit your score on the whiteboard (AKA write it down)
  • Do your challenge of the week (2 minutes of double unders
  • Bring in some canned goods/non-perishables for the foodbank (also for points, and also to clean out your cupboards)
  • Come up with a snappy team name
  • Hug your friends

Scores need to be submitted by 8pm Monday!

The video today does a GREAT job explaining the difference between doing crossfit for health and longevity, and doing it to make it your sport.  Ideally professionally, your sport.  Not everyone gets to make the games, or regionals, and it definitely takes a level of sacrifice that most won’t/can’t make.

Coaches Notes:

Snatch consistency work.  You should not be failing reps.  If you’re failing frequently, you need to dial the weight back and work on your technique.  The more you fail reps, the more you’re practicing failing reps.  I know many of you have done the lift before, but spend the time with the coach teaching class to go over the positions and drill them into your brain until you don’t need to think anymore.  Not one of us is good enough that we don’t make mental mistakes on those lifts.  Then the on the minute for 3 minutes is like a test of your consistency.  You should not fail.  On the WOD – the Overhead Squats will be the challenging part.  After the first couple rounds, they will probably be more difficult, so make sure you get set up well for them.  You can snatch your first rep to save time, if possible 🙂

Strength – Snatch work:

Coach-led warm up without a bar and with one.
Positional work & appropriate warm up lifts/drills as per the coach teaching class.
Once warm, spend some time working up to your working sets.

1 Snatch on the minute for 3 minutes.

Metcon – Speebility

5 Rounds for time:
3 Overhead Squats (115/73)
12 Slam Ball (30/20)
24 Double Unders

Scale up: 155/103, 40/30