CrossFit Sudbury – 24022017 – Evasion

Hey Friends!

The Open WOD has been announced! (I don’t know what it is yet, I’m writing this before 8).  More importantly, the teams are made, and the intramurals are ON.  Team Blue is going to dominate 😉  More clever name to follow… (both teams need to come up with snappy names… Snatchasaurus Rex isn’t taken yet)

For the times to sign up to do the WODs, if you NEED to come in during a time that is already full, let us know, we don’t want to leave anyone hanging, we just want to be prepared to judge enough people so that the class or open gym folks don’t get abandoned and left out in the cold.  Let us know and we will hook you UP!

Coaches Notes:

Probably a good idea to take it easy on this if you’re going to do the Open WOD Saturday.  Even if you don’t, it shouldn’t “destroy” anyone or make them too sore (unless you’re prone to achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis and you run a lot).  We’ve done this a couple other times, so have some fun with it and try to beat your score.  Squats and Deadlifts are pretty straight forward and not too heavy.  The back squats should warm you up for the deadlifts, but if you feel you’d like a couple/few warm up sets, don’t hesitate to peel some weight off the bar and do them.  No rush.


Back Squat 5-5-5 (weights at 60, 65, 70%, respectively)

Then once you’re finished your squats…

Deadlift 3-3-3 (starting with the last weight you squatted and adding weight each set)

Metcon – “Evasion”

Cover as much distance as possible in 20 Minutes:
Row, Run, and Airdyne as far as you can in 20 Minutes. Split them up as desired but you must:
Run at least 800m
Row at least 1000m
Air dyne at least 800m

Compare to November 30th and March 3rd of 2016.