CrossFit Sudbury – 13022017 – 2-Line Pass

Hey Friends!

Another quick weekend has come and gone 🙁 But it was a good one!  Warm weather and a whole bunch of snow – not too shabby if you’re sliding, sledding, skiing, skating or some other “s” word that also means an activity that you would do in the winter.  Good times.

Last week of freedom before the Open makes us feel like we “shouldn’t” do certain things the couple days leading up to the day we do the Open WOD.  We’ve got a pretty solid sign up list for the open intramurals – but it could be better.  Come on out and have some fun friends – It does make the workouts a little more fun, and there should be some good “bonus” point activities too!

Coaches Notes:

Nice little Clean & Jerk Complex.  Big, sexy finish for the power clean.  Fast elbows should ensure you’re meeting the bar where it comes to.  Same deal with the hang clean, though you’re going to be riding the bar down into a full squat, or meeting it down there (though not if it’s crashing onto you… meet the bar… the lift should feel smooth).  Then Jerk any style you like.  Stay tall/back on your heels during the dip and drive of the jerk and it should feel like the bar doesn’t have as far to travel.  Don’t hit yourself in the face.  On the WOD, your time is going to be lost/gained on the burpees.  The deadlifts are light enough and wall balls few enough that it will come down to how quickly you can get through the burpees.  Make sure you’re hopping over the bar on the burpees (2 foot take off) if you want your reps to be “RX”.


Spend 10 Minutes working up to a heavy Power Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk.

Metcon – “2-line Pass”

21-15-9 Reps For Time:

Deadlifts (155/115)
Burpees Over Bar
Wall Balls (20/14)