CrossFit Sudbury – 03022017 – Edgar the Bug

Hey Friends!

Holy deadlift city!  Fun fact – your low back should not be sore.  Your hammies, and glutes should be (and maybe quads from the lunges).  But if you low back is sore, don’t freak out (unless it’s freak out worthy) – it’s likely because you’re either being a little lazy with your low back, or you’re still building strength in your erectors (that sounds naughty).  But let us know, as there are some things we could go over to help mitigate it in the future (improve your hinge and strengthen your low back).  We do have some folks that know a thing or two about backs.

Superbowl is coming up!  Let’s go Patriots!  Fun fact #2 – I picked New England as my team back in middle school because they were the only team that sounded like they weren’t located in America (looking for a Canadian team… settling for an “English” one).  Enjoy yourself.  Don’t be that person that tries to show up with some weird quinoa+kale “buffalo” dip that is “totally the same thing” (sorry to vegans that probably do this – but honestly… just make something that’s normally vegan and normally delicious).  It isn’t the same.  Don’t be weird.  Eat the real deal.

Coaches Notes:

Snatch work!  Yesssss.  I get the feeling people have been itching to get their hands on a barbell for some snatches.  Now is your chance.  Spend 5-10 mins with your coach going over the finer points and drilling the positions.  Don’t skip this.  It’ll serve as your warm up AND help drill in some good movement patterns.  Then attack those Snatches on the EMOM.  Challenge yourself to a point where you still move really well and aren’t failing reps, but wish the bar was slightly lighter.  On the WOD – those knees to elbows should involve your knees actually touching your elbows (for those folks looking to “RX” things, triceps don’t count as elbows… even if they are chiseled like them, haha).  Otherwise this should be a “sprint”.  The KB is meant to be a little lighter to encourage quick cycling with those swings and squats.  Have fun with it!  It’s like the opposite of the mental happiness that is the 10-1, so steel yourself for those 8-9-10 rounds.


Snatch Technique work – 5-10 minutes (up to the coach & group size):
1st Pull – Staying over the bar and maintaining your back angle up to mid thigh
2nd pull – Getting that bar into the hips and violently finishing with your legs/hips by driving your feet into the floor
3rd Pull – Shrug/Pulling the elbows up and back (just keep the bar close) while lifting the feet and pulling yourself down into position.
Recovery – stand up, smile and safely return your bar to the ground (i.e. don’t hit yourself or anyone around you with your bar)

EMOM – 10 Minutes:
2 Snatch @70-75%

Metcon – “Edgar the bug”:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps For Time:

Overhead KB Swings (35/25)
Goblet Squats (35/25)
Knees to Elbows

Advanced: (32/24)