CrossFit Sudbury – 02022017 – Butterball

Hey Friends!

Killer grind today!  Man you guys are awesome.  that middle one just crushed me.  More Burpees for me 😛  Super stoked about working out with you guys more frequently though!

The open is coming soon – if you’re signing up – make sure you choose CrossFit Sudbury as your team and affiliate!  We should have a pretty solid team this year 🙂

Coaches Notes:

The Wall walks and dips are going to smoke your triceps.  Not much of a way around it, so take your time and don’t fail any reps.  On the WOD – set a solid pace and try to maintain for each interval.  You shouldn’t be getting 7 rounds in round 1 and 2 rounds in round 5.  Make sure you get set up for your deadlifts and stay planked on your push ups, or stay relatively tight on your HSPUs.  THe walking lunges should feel like a nice break from the other stuff, so don’t waste any time getting into and out of them.

Skill work

5 Rounds For Quality:

2 Wall Walks
6 Dips (Bar/Ring)
8 Kipping Pull Ups / 2 Muscle Ups (Bar/Ring)
Double Under Practice (up to 2 minutes or 40 reps)

20 min. Time Cap

Metcon – Butterball

5 Total Rounds-
AMRAP in 3 min:

4 Deadlifts (225/155/115)
6 Hand Release Push Ups
8 Walking Lunges

Rest 1 min. Between Rounds

Scale up: HSPU