CrossFit Sudbury – 01022017 – Dirt McGurt

Hey Friends!

Hump DAY!  This week is kicking in doors and hugging strangers!  Those were some long efforts yesterday.  Very cool seeing who had problems with the plate squats and who didn’t.  Everyone hammered the WOD like it was that nail that started sticking up and then you tore your sock on it, but then you forgot about it, and then the nail tore ANOTHER sock…. THAT’s how much they hammered it.  For Cereal.

Weightlifting club is lifting the lifts!  Yogis are yoging it up on Wednesdays, and we got the whole life challenge attacking the cerebrum of a whole bunch of our members.  Great work everybody.  I’m really excited for where the gym will go this year with all the awesome vibes we got going on.

Coaches Notes:

Another LONG grinder.  Yeah…. we’re hammering that energy pathway a little bit, but people are feeling good and we’re able to get the reps/volume in, so we’re doing it.  Another 3 triplets.  Just like last week, try to attack all three.  We’re only counting full rounds, so if you won’t fit one in, maybe it makes more sense to rest until the next 10 minute session, or try to sneak another round in.

Metcon – Dirt McGurt:


0:00 to 10:00 min:

15 Air Squats
10 DB Push Press (1/3 bw)
5 Deadlifts @185/123

10:00 to 20:00 min:

5 DB Burpees (1/3 bw)
5 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 Sit Ups

20:00 to 30:00 min:

5 Pull Ups
10 Alternating Single Arm DB Power Snatch (1/3 bw)
15 Double Unders

Scale up: (1/2 bw)