CrossFit Sudbury – 20122016 – Jerk Practice & O’Neill test

Hey Friends!

Good work on the lateral wall balls and other shoulder taxing fun – hope you enjoyed it.  CrossFit is a typically sagittal plane sport/activity, so we’ll be peppering in some frontal and transverse plane work from time to time to make sure we’re hitting all our bases.

Today is one of those days  we’ve allocated some extra time for your coach to go over optimal jerk form and then provide some constructive feedback on your form before you dive in to 30 Jerks 🙂  Use your ears and do your best, it’s all we ask 😉  The more you can put into practice any tips the coach might have during the 15 minute EMOM, the better as you’ll iron that movement pattern onto your brain a little bit more.

Coaches Notes:

Todays movements are few, but they’re high quality!  Improve your jerk as much as possible through some technique drills, and then attack those Jerks with the new tips and tweaks you’ve learned.  O’Neill test doesn’t require a whole lot of thought, so attack the rower and hang on for as long as you can.

Strength/Skill/Technique work:

10 Minutes Jerk Instruction. Spend time going over the Split and Power Jerk with your coach.
Things to touch on:
Ribs down (a tight core is a stable core for catching a barbell)
Rack position (elbows high or low? full grip is ideal [not just finger tips])
Jumping position for feet (somewhere between hip and shoulder width, slight toe out)
The Dip (NOT TOO LOW, otherwise you’ll dip forward – and definitely not on the toes, whole foot down)
Landing position (feet for forward and back AND out, or just out in the case of the power jerk, and pressing yourself down, not just the bar up).
Recovery (feet have to come back to the midline)

Every 30 seconds for 15 Minutes:
1 Split Jerk or Power Jerk (whichever you’re worse at)

*This is meant to be practice. Ask for and listen to any queues your coach is providing and aim to make every rep perfect, or better than the last.


4 Minutes on the rower for max distance. Go HAM.

Compare your results here: