CrossFit Sudbury – 19122016 – “Left Side – Strong Side!”

Hey Friends!

Killer WODs this weekend and an awesome vibe in the gym – thanks for continuing to be awesome and as always, crushing extreme 😉

Check out the whiteboard re: Yoga is starting back up!  4 spots left!  get in on it – you know you won’t spend an hour stretching once a week otherwise.  Plus…. shivasana.

This week we’re adding in something a little new – some dedicated technique work/time before some of the Olympic lifts.  It’s up to the coach of each class/open gym hour to spend that time drilling and making you guys better at the lifts we’re working on before packing too much weight on the bar.  Use this time to improve your lifts, focus on the points of performance and listen to the coach!  This is what we do – we help you move better.

Coaches Notes:

Strength work – this is not a metcon.  If you can do the muscle ups strict, do it.  If you’re bad at ring/bar muscle ups – do them.  This is meant as practice/skill/strength work.  The Back Squats will be the same weight roughly as the set of 5 you did on December 5th (~70%).  Find an appropriate weight for the 10 Bench Press.  Lateral Wall Balls are new.  You’ll be facing sideways to the wall, which will make accuracy a challenge.  Once you get the hang of them you’ll fly through this WOD.  Make sure you’re nice and hollow on the planks!  No saggy hips and resting on your facet joints – there’s no point to doing them that way.  We’re still squatting 3x/week (back, front, overhead) – so get your reps in, add some weight to the bar and have some fun.  Fact – squatting is easier if you’re smiling.


Not for time:
5 Muscle ups
5 Back squats
10 Bench press
5 Muscle ups
5 back squats
10 Bench Press
5 muscle ups

Metcon – “Left Side – Strong Side!”:

4 Rounds for time:
10 Lateral Wall ball (right side facing wall, 20/14/10)
30 Double Unders
10 Lateral Wall Ball (left side facing wall, same)
30 second plank