CrossFit Sudbury – 14122016 – Meatball Sub

Hey Friends!

Awesome squats today – some pretty solid efforts/lifts considering it was for 10 reps!  Excited about adding to that next time we see it (~3 weeks).  Lotsa Squatting lately and for the next little bit, so make sure you’re foam rolling, LaX balling and stretching.  If you aren’t, I promise you it will catch up to you (I wish it wouldn’t).  Epsom salt baths, sauna’s, hot tubs are also great additions to the recovery repertoire if you’ve got them.  And Fish oil.

Coaches notes:

Strength work – Take your time on the paused Clean Deadlift.  You’re stopping at the knee and then lower the bar back down.  Don’t drop the bar on the deadlift, the whole point is maintaining the back angle and staying tight through the trunk and low back at the start of the lift.  Power Clean is there to encourage a big finish and fast elbows.  Full Clean to add in speed under the bar AFTER a big finish.  Don’t shorten your finish to sneak under the bar, do the full lift.  Metcon – Some lateral/rotational work.  Square up before you pick the slam ball back up.  Slam it alternating sides to the outside of the foot.  If you’re feeling great, scale up the overhead walking lunges.


Every Minute for 6 Minutes:
1 Paused Clean Deadlift (stop right in front of the knee cap for 1 second – stay over the bar!)
1 Power Clean
1 Clean
*All at ~70% of your max Clean.

Metcon – “Meatball Sub”

12 Minute AMRAP:
12 Lateral Slam Balls (30/20)
12 Overhead walking lunges (45/25)
12 Sit ups

Cash Out – Rowing Intervals

5 Rounds for total distance:
:30 seconds rowing
:30 seconds rest
*Enter each round in, as well as your total under the 2:30 interval.