CrossFit Sudbury – 13122016 – Open WOD 12.3

Hey Friends!

Well…. lotsa burpees better show up in the Open this year.  I think we just need to do burpees to a target now to finish off all the variations.  Great work to those who managed to get some pull ups/muscle ups in, or who challenged themselves with the overhead squats.  They definitely feel a little funky after all the burpees.

Let’s keep it up.  Weightlifting club finished a cycle on Sunday – looks like some solid lifts went up.  We’ll be continuing the weightlifting club soon after the new year begins – stay tuned for more details 🙂  Also, don’t forget to drink your nog.

Coaches Notes:

MOAR SQUATS!  I believed I mentioned a couple weeks ago – more exposure to squats.  We aren’t doing any crazy amounts (10 reps at working weights), so it means we can visit them frequently and be ok with it.  The back squats are not max effort.  I know a lot of people maxed out their overhead squat 10 rep max, which is ok, but today is not a 10 rep “max”.  It’s just a somewhat challenging 10 rep set.  These are more or less recovery squats.  We’re going through 3 rep patterns.  2×5 (2 sets of 5 at the same weight, which should increase each time you encounter it), 5-3-2 (the dashes mean increase the weight each set.  These are close to max, but with no failing allowed), and then 1×10 (this is to work on more stability and positioning, they’ll also increase in weight, though it isn’t that important that they do).  We’re hitting back, front and overhead each week in one of those patterns.  Then we’ll also sneak in the other lifts.  Phew.  Max out the strict pull ups, but keep them strict.  Try to hit the same number both times.  Another Open WOD!   We’ve done this one a bunch – It’s a great combo.  Be careful for your shins.  Keep moving steady, there isn’t really much strategy for it other than steady movement.


in 6 Minutes:
1 set of max strict pull ups.
10 Back Squats @~65%. This is not a max effort. high quality, deliberate movement.
Rest/put your barbell away until the 6 minute timer goes off – then perform one more set of max strict pull ups.

Metcon – Open WOD 12.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps (24/20)
12 Push Press (115/73)
9 Toes-to-bar