CrossFit Sudbury – 12122016 – Open WOD 11.4

Hey Friends!

Another beauty weekend in the books!  Thank you to everyone who came out for the curling bonspiel, it was a good time – we’ll be looking to book more fun events like that throughout the year (someone mentioned bowling?)

We’re a a couple weeks away from Christmas – which means more indulging in snacks, treats, and alcohol (for most).  Make an effort to keep things as clean and relatively low carb as possible during the week to set yourself up for success if you do indulge on the weekend.  It likely won’t earn you a 6 pack, but it should damper the typical 5 pound increase over the holidays 😉  And if you’re interested in checking out the Whole Life Challenge for the new year, let us know or check out the website.  It seems silly that it’d work – but seriously it does.

Coaches Notes:

Some Heavy Front Squats to start the week off right!  It looks a little complicated, but it’s really just 1 of those rounds in each 3 minute section.  Just timed out so that we don’t dilly-dally.  You guys did 2×5 Front squats last week.  The first set of 5 today should be the same weight as those, or maybe slightly heavier/lighter.  then heavier on the 3’s and heavier still on the 2’s.  Grab a couple dumbbells/KB’s and walk around for 45 seconds after that.  For the metcon – it’s from the original Open.  2011 Adam got 1 muscle up on the WOD (though 120# overhead squats were pretty heavy for me back then, and I was rocking five fingers for them).  I remember I had about 4 seconds left and was lucky to get the 1 MU in.  Maintain a steady pace through the burpees and partition the squats as necessary with planned rest.  If you can’t do muscle ups yet, sub in 10 chest to bar pull ups and 10 dips, please.


Minutes 0-3:
5 Front Squats @70%
45 second Farmers Carry
Minutes 3-6:
3 Front Squats @75%
45 second Farmers Carry
Minutes 6-9:
2 Front Squats @80%
45 second Farmers Carry

Metcon – Open WOD 11.4

10 Minute AMRAP:
60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats, (120/90/60%)
10 Muscle Ups