CrossFit Sudbury – 08122016 – Mermaids Dilemma

Hey Friends!

Hopefully the boxes didn’t eat too many shins (sorry Michelle!) and your legs recover nicely from the airdyne and hamstring curls.  Hammies are going to be LIT after the KB swings, good mornings and curls.  We’re going to give them a little bit of a break… but.. do they really ever get a break?  😉

Christmas party is this weekend!  Saturday at the Copper Cliff Curling Club we’ll be crushing extreme and sweeping like champions.  Looking forward to seeing everyone outside the gym.

Coaches Notes:

Right on, right on.  Today we’re looking at a 10 rep overhead squat.  It isn’t meant to be a max out.  We’ve already done some heavy back and front squats this week as well as beating up on the hammies – unless you’re feeling particularly sexy, don’t max it out, but hit a nice, solid 10 rep Overhead squat.  It should be taxing on the core as well as everything else.  Aim for perfection.  Mermaids Dilemma – We did this back on April 5th, 2016.  Don’t kill the first row… kill the second row.  If rowers are at a premium, think about subbing in a mile airdyne or 800m Run. 


on a 10 Minute timer:
find a challenging, but very high quality 10 rep overhead squat.
Also find your max double unders in 1 minute (ideally after you’ve squatted).
Max 2 attempts.

Metcon – “Mermaids Dilemma”:

For time:
1000m Row
15 Hang Power Snatch (115/73/Kettlebell swings)
15 Overhead Squats (Same, Scale to Front Squats if you lack the mobility to keep intensity high)
15 Jerks (same, Scale to push press if you haven’t mastered jerks yet)
1000m Row