CrossFit Sudbury – 06122016 – “50 Franklin D. Roosevelt”

Hey Friends!

Great work today!  I remember doing that WOD back in the day and it was just as fun this time around.  Hope you all enjoyed the long grind of it.  Keep in mind – Christmas Party this coming Saturday!  6pm at the Copper Cliff Curling Club.  Be there or be square!  Jube’s will cater/we can order stuff from there once we arrive.  We’re going to try and make some teams and do a bit of a bonspiel.

Coaches Notes:

So todays Strength is designed to address some pushing strength.  We’ve maxed out our Clean and Jerk (on the weekend), and squatting is to improving your Clean (at least the standing up out of the bottom part) as pressing & push pressing is to improving your Jerk.  We need to develop your strength in addition to speed and coordination.  Good mornings are just great for developing that posterior chain.  You’re doing to be seeing more posterior chain accessory work – as it does end up making you better at just about everything (while also developing a desireable posterior 😉 ).  The WOD, is different than Mondays – Planned rest means you should be going balls to the wall on the first part and then attacking the barbell with a plan to achieve the most reps possible.  Make them pretty reps above all else, and get those elbows up FAST – also make sure you sneak that one extra rep in at the buzzer as you’ve got rest coming up right after it.


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
ODD – 2 Presses @70% + 3 Push Presses (same weight)
EVEN – 8 Good mornings (same weight – enter in Train Heroic)

Metcon – “50 Franklin D. Roosevelt”

5 Rounds for max Power Cleans:
in 1 Minute:
3 handstand push ups
6 pull ups
9 Walking lunges
AMRAP Power Cleans (135/95/50-60%)
Rest 30 seconds after each round.