CrossFit Sudbury – 05122016 – “All Dressed”

Hey Friends!

We’re all done maxing things out for a bit – hope you had some good, heavy lifts, and you’re feeling ready to work hard this week.  20 days to Christmas, which is insane.  Older folks always tell you how much faster time seems to go each passing year, but I never believed it.  2016 seemed to fly by, but I think it’s because we did so much with it.  We still have a bunch left, so let’s not squander it thinking about 2017, let’s get a solid start on today 🙂

Coaches Notes:

New cycle means some slightly different rep schemes.  We’re going to be fitting in back, front and overhead versions of the squat on a 5-3-2, 2×5 and 1×10 rep scheme.  The goal will be to increase the weights each week, as well as increasing our exposure to squats, and improve mobility there.  The smaller sets and fewer total reps means we’ll be able to sneak in more accessory and gymnastics work too.  Todays Metcon is one we did in 2013.  Todd will remember (maybe?  I think he was one of the few to get into or closest to beginning a second round).  It’s a bit of a chipper and a throw back to the old lays commercial (bet you can’t eat just one).  


Every 3 Minutes for 3 sets:
Set 1: 5 Back Squats + 12 med ball sit ups (20/14/whatever works for you)
Set 2: 3 Back Squats + 12 med ball sit ups
Set 3: 2 Back Squats + 12 med ball sit ups

*Increase weight on the squats each set from roughly 70% (set of 5) up to roughly 80% (set of 2). You’ll be resonsible for adding your own weight between sets. There should be plenty of time.

Metcon – “All Dressed”:

As many rounds as possible in 18 minutes of:
50 Burpees
75 Kettlebell Swings
100 Ab-Mat Sit-ups
75 Goblet Squats (with kettlebell)
50 Push Press 75/55