CrossFit Sudbury – 02122016 – Isabel

Hey Friends!

Thanks to everyone who filled in the feedback form yesterday – it really was good for valuable feedback 🙂  I’ll be taking it to heart and putting things into practice ASAP.  Things I learned/am hoping to improve:

  • A lot of the issues seem to stem from me not explaining things well enough – so I’ll be making an effort to clear some things up, as well as explaining where the programming is going, and why it is the way it is sometimes.
    • Re: Repeat WODs – they’re to gauge progress.  This week we did some repeats from august, which is a long enough time frame that we should have improved.
    • Re: Similar WODs – sometimes you find a good combo as a coach and you don’t want to lose the magic it provides (like thrusters and pull ups, deadlifts and push ups, or clean and jerks and toes to bar) – but I’ll be making an extra effort to review more (it’s easier now with the named WODs) to make sure I’m not being redundant.
    • As we get closer to the open we’ll be doing more “open” related movements.  That way we’re prepared when chest to bar pull ups show up, or the weird heels up handstand push ups (we might still accidently fix those out of habit… and principle)
  • We’ll be designing and hosting more clinics for stuff like yoga, weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, core strength/motor control, nutrition/lifestyle design, etc.
  • Considering a class time for 9am on Saturday – let me/your coach know your thoughts on that
  • Moving AM classes from 6 and 7am to 5:30 and 6:30am – pending some planning with Brad & Sara (will let you guys know when this takes effect!)
  • Whoever mentioned they’re having a hard time getting strong & mobile – message me directly through email or on the facebook and we’ll get you sorted out 🙂

Sorry to pour it all out there in one post, but it’s easier to start with that, and I want you guys to know you’ve been heard.  To whoever wants a sauna… me too, friend…. me too.

Coaches notes:

Today isn’t a 1RM day as you guys are probably a little fried.  If you don’t feel it, trust me that your nervous system does.  We’ll be testing Snatches in the future, but I want you guys to get more technique work in before we do so that you can truly test it.  Get some good sleep, some good food, and do something fun/outside/relaxing this weekend.  Today we’re focusing on positioning and consistency.  You should feel like your 5-6-7-8 reps are instant replays of perfection 😉  After that we’re doing Isabel, partially because we’ve never done Isabel (or VERY infrequently) and 30 snatches for time is different than 1 each minute.  Make sure you’re using an appropriate weight.  Josh Everett did this WOD in 1:06, which is silly.  Added in a cash out as that was part of the feed back.  They’ll generally be stuff that won’t wreck you for the next day, and will be skill/engine/core/grip based.  


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
1 Snatch @75%

Metcon – Isabel:

30 Snatches (any style) for time. (135/95/60-65%)

Cash out:

3 Rounds:
10 pull ups
1 Minute Farmers Carry (30 seconds per hand)
15 Kettlebell Swings