CrossFit Sudbury – 28112016 – “It was us that wanted a caravan”

Hey Friends!

Great times this weekend!  Some seriously challenging workouts, and still beautiful weather!  I think we’re starting to get some of those blue sky, awesome sun, crisp air, cold days (though not crazy cold just yet).  This week involves a bunch of 1RM lifts, so make sure you’re warming up well, and not going crazy if you aren’t “feeling it”, but definitely challenge yourself and get after those WODs like you mean it.


perform 5 sets of:
10m handstand walk (to the wall) + 3 strict handstand push ups

Metcon – “It was us that wanted a caravan”:

In a total of 9 Minutes, with a partner:
Partner 1 – Tabata Row (for calories)
Partner 2 – AMRAP Handstand Push ups
1 Minute rest, and then the partners switch places.

Score is total calories + number of HSPU (keep track individually AND as a team total – Log individual score)