CrossFit Sudbury – 24112016 – Handstand hold lil’ mini Cindy

Hey Friends!

Nice little longer WOD today and you guys crushed some awesome times.  Tomorrow we’ve got some cindy work, and muscle up practice.  So far this cycle is going as planned, making it possible to train each day without feeling wrecked, practice some skills, and work on that engine a bit as well.

Check out the CrossFitter of the month if you haven’t had a chance.  He’s a real beauty with the perfect hairline 😉


Spend 10 Minutes working on Bar muscle up practice/progressions.
i.e. strict pull ups, chest to bar pull ups, dips, kipping/beat swings, etc.

Metcon – Handstand Hold Lil’ Mini Cindy

As Many Rounds as possible in 15 Minutes of:
3 Pull ups
6 Push ups
9 squats
***15 second handstand hold at the start of each minute.