CrossFit Sudbury – 18112016 – “Like a leaf”

Hey Friends!

Apparently I can’t choose whether or not to use quotation marks on the WOD name.  One day I’ll get that sorted out – but thought I’d mention it in case you were trying to ascertain if there was a pattern to it or not.

Invitational this weekend – if you’re going, I’ll see you there, if not, I believe it’s being streamed online.  Fingers crossed that Canada (or really anyone other than America) wins.  What’s the odds on Señor Trump saying the first (3-2-1-go!)?

Strength – Diane-style:

Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
ODD – 9 Deadlifts @60%
EVEN – 9 Handstand Push ups

Metcon – “Like a leaf”:

4 Rounds for total Double Unders:
1 Minute Farmers Carry
1 Minute Double Unders