CrossFit Sudbury – 15112016 – Reverse DT

Hey Friends!

Been a long time since we’ve done single arm overhead squats eh?  Just when you thought normal overhead squats were difficult, single arms come along and show you all your imbalances and instabilities/inflexibilities.  If you had a really hard time, it might be worth having someone take a look, whether it’s your coach or one of our therapists.

Todays WOD is a mental test in a different way.  12 Jerks is going to be difficult.  Strategize and plan things out so that you can keep moving and spend as little time with your hands on your knees as possible.  Make sure you start using the jerk early (versus push pressing).

If you haven’t seen this series, it’s pretty solid 🙂


Every 90 Seconds for 5 rounds:
3 Paused Back Squats @65%*
*3 second pause in the bottom – STAY TIGHT

Metcon – Reverse DT:

5 Rounds for time:
6 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
12 Jerks
*Use (155/105/~60% of your C&J 1RM)