CrossFit Sudbury – 08112016 – Yar Mateys!

Hey Friends!

Great work today with all those toes to bar, pistols and all the fun things.  We’ve done “Mary-ish” before (on september 21st).  If you’re entering your scores into Train Heroic (which you should be), you’ll be able to choose “history” and see how your previous score was.  You can also do that when a lift shows up and it’ll show you each time you’ve entered a score for that lift.

Make sure you get signed up for things like the christmas party, the rowing clinic, and the nog nation (the most important).  They’ll all improve your fitness, happiness and general awesomeness.


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
ODD – 3 Deadlifts @65% ***Lower from the top perfectly for a nice eccentric burn.
EVEN – 1-2 Box Jumps, ascending in height over each set. Don’t fail, but jump high.

Metcon – “Yar Mateys!”

Pair up with someone, or plan a rough 1:1 work:rest ratio.

5 rounds of 20 Calories for time. Record your time each round. Record your best round on the whiteboard.  (i.e. Partner 1 rows 20 calories for time, marks down their time, and then Partner 2 gets set up and does the same [not need to rush onto the rower to do it… take your time and let the fly wheel stop spinning], 5 rounds).

As there isn’t other stuff planned for the day (do your mobility!) – go hard on these!