CrossFit Sudbury – 03112016 – Row row row your erg!

Hey Friends!

Thanks to Shelley, Steph R and Robyn (and Coach Brad) for pushing me in todays WOD!  First one back after a while and those overhead squats were not easy haha.

For todays WOD – find an awesome friend and work hard to Row 5000m as well as crush an awesome AMRAP.  You’ll input two scores into Train Heroic so that we know you weren’t dogging the row or the AMRAP.  Should be tough to win both WODs.  So, to make sense of it – One person rows while one person does the AMRAP, and you swap places as you see fit until you complete the 5000m Row, at which point your AMRAP ends.


With a partner:
Row 5000m
10 Wall Ball
10 Slam Ball
10 Burpees

Two scores – Time spent rowing & Total reps of the AMRAP.  Split up the Row however you’d like.  Be strategic (i.e. if you have Emily J on your team, maybe have her do a little more than half of the row, haha)

Extra work:

Pick a weakness or skill or crush some mobility with any extra time you might have.