CrossFit Sudbury – 19102016 – “African or European?”

Hey Friends!

pow-pow-pow – How are those glutes feeling?  Hopefully just dandy.  We’ll flush the junk out of those legs with some fast sled pushes – that’ll do the trick.  We likely don’t have too many more sled push days left, so soak it up and give’r the gears.


Pair up with someone to share a sled.

Partner 1 pushes sled 20m as fast as possible,
Partner 2 pushes the sled back 20m as fast as possible

8 sets.
Rest as needed between sets. Suggested weights on sled (90/60/25), though fine tune how you’d like.

Metcon – “African or European?”:

4 Rounds for time
10 Pull ups
20 Push ups
30 Sit ups