CrossFit Sudbury – 20092016 – “Self Titled”

Hey Friends!

So that looked like an awesome WOD – legs were smoked eh?  That’s good news… stronger legs later.  Awesome squats today too.  Getting your lifts in with ~60% with perfect form is helpful and will make a big difference over time.  Banging out 5 picture perfect squats at 60% is way better than 2 questionable squats at 85%.  Too much and you’re just practicing failing.  There’s a time and place to fail, and most training sessions are not it.


With a 10 Minute time cap:
Row 1000m/900m
Find a 3RM Push Press

Metcon – “Self Titled”

9 Minute AMRAP:
1 Muscle up (sub 2 chest to bar pull ups/2 strict pull ups)
3 Dips (not including the one out of the muscle up)
5 Kettlebell Snatches (sub single arm KB swings) (50/35/25)
7 single arm overhead walking lunges (50/35/25)