CrossFit Sudbury – 14092016 – “Cleans on Cleans”

Hey Friends!

How was that Tropical Meatloaf?  Kristin tried a new recipe that neither of us particularly enjoyed.  I guess “tropical” and “meatloaf” aren’t meant to be together.  But that WOD looked beautiful.

We’ve got some great stuff coming down the pipe.  Some skill work, some accessory work, some grunt work.  It’s almost like it’s varied… constantly 😉  Hopefully you’re enjoying the programming lately, I feel like the summer as a whole has had more variation of styles and movements than I’ve put in for a while, and lots of accidental PRs!

– Eric and Kristen’s Buck and Doe (or whatever you call it), it’s going to be awesome and we have tickets for sale.  Ask Kristin or I and we’ll hook you up!
– CFKids this Sunday at 9am for kids aged 5 and 6.  Come have some fun and learn the fundamental movements to set your kids up for a life full of awesome, injury preventing movement 🙂
– Weightlifting Club is starting up next Tuesday!
– Open Gym on Sunday is now 10-1 instead of 9-12.
– Steph is working in the clinic and taking new patients – If you or someone you love/know would like to see a physiotherapist, we now have Steph and Kristin providing wicked care 🙂


3 Rounds of:
in 2 Minutes:
5 Presses @75%
10 Push Presses @the same weight
Max burpees

Rest 1 Minute between rounds. Score is total burpees

Metcon – “Cleans on Cleans”:

12 Minute AMRAP:
Squat Cleans @65%
*10 Foot Handstand walk/Handstand Hold 15 seconds between each round