CrossFit Sudbury – 06092016 – “Debudo”

Hey Friends!

Sorry this is going up so late – but reno’s don’t do themselves (sadly).  We made some SOLID progress and I’m super excited for the Real Life Health part of the Sudbury School of Fitness to grow and continue to improve! 🙂

There is still a little bit of baseboards and drywall in the newer side of the gym, so I hope it doesn’t bother you, and that you don’t bother it.


5 Rounds for total Reps:
30 seconds Thrusters @50%
30 seconds rest
30 seconds ring rows
30 seconds rest

*Pair up with a friend to share a barbell and some rings

Metcon – “Debudo”:

5 Rounds for time:
5 Deadlifts
10 Burpee over the bar
50 Double Unders (75 Skips with 10 double under attempts)