CrossFit Sudbury – 09082016 – “Bonita”

Hey Friends!

Awesome job on the paused squat cleans!  We got clean practice AND some front squat work in.  yeeeeeah.  Also – lots of “props” to the folks that did squat cleans.  You guys are warriors.  I would have taken twice as long if I was doing the full squat with every Clean.

Today (Tuesday) is a fan favourite!  “Bonita” has been programmed a fair number of times, (before Eric even gave it a name).  Eric created the WOD and it’s been in steady rotation ever since.  The “downside” to having done it so many times, is that you know exactly how hard you’re going to have to push to beat your previous scores.  But it’s been long enough that you will.  Get after it folks 🙂


5 Sets with a partner:
First 30 seconds Partner 1 does their 4 Bench and 10 WB’s (Partner 2 is resting)
Second 30 seconds Partner 2 does theirs (Partner 1 is resting)
Third 30 seconds is rest for both.

Clock will beep every 30 seconds for 15 rounds 🙂

Metcon – “Bonita”:

8 Minute AMRAP:
8 Kettlbell Swings (50/35/25)
8 Burpees