CrossFit Sudbury – 28072016 – “Wavy Lays”

Hey Friends!

Killer WOD today.  I did NOT have the desire to push hard during the airdyne today – but it was a great WOD and I hope you’re all feeling stronger with your Bench, I know I am.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we’re maxing out our clean & jerk.  It might be a 1RM, it might just be something heavy, but push yourself if you can, or if you’re really feeling beat up, wait until Friday.  Stay tight, trust in your training, and attack the barbell with some ferocity.


Spend 12 Minutes working up to a max Clean & Jerk.

Metcon – “Wavy Lays”:

3 Rounds For time:
5 Clean & Jerk @70% (power or squat)
10 Dips
15 Pull ups
20 Goblet Squats (50/35/25)
50 Double Unders