CrossFit Sudbury – 27072016

Hey Friends!

Soooo, how was it?  Happy to get a little muscle up work in?  Did you feel snappy under the bar on those Snatches?  The Snatch is a difficult and technical lift that is built on many other movements – if you’re struggling, or stalled out, your best bet is often to lay off for a bit and work on your weaknesses, or variations of the lift that target where you’re having an issue (i.e. if the bar is getting to far away from you, working on some paused Snatch Grip deadlifts, or some Snatch high pulls or even Muscle Snatches can help with staying active through your shoulder blades, as well as a better bar path).


Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes:
8 Bench Press @~65%
3 Clapping (sub aggressive push ups or strict push ups as best you can)
30 second plank

Metcon – “Garrfieeeld!!!”

10 Minute AMRAP:
16 Slam Balls (30/20/10)
10 Burpee box jump overs (24/20/16)
Airdyne (20/18/15 Cals)