CrossFit Sudbury – 13072016

Hey Friends!

We’ve got a couple of squats on the docket for the day 😉  A beauty combination we’ve definitely done before for the WOD, though always challenging.  Stay tight on those squats and control the descent a bit so you can drive your hips through to stand it up (versus through your toes from tipping forward, if you’re out of position).

Try to be really explosive on the lateral box jumps.  There’s nothing wrong with using a lower than usual box and jumping extra high (either clean over the box, or landing on top of it), so as not to clip your leg and have an awesome spill off the box.


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
1 5 second paused Back Squat @70%
4 Lateral box jump overs (jump sideways onto the box twice each direction).


5 Rounds for time:
300m Run
6 Back Squats @60%
20 Sit ups

scale up: Avoid using a rack (i.e. clean and push press the bar over your head and onto you back, or snatch and then lower the bar onto your back to start your back Squats)