CrossFit Sudbury – 30062016

Hey Friends!

ohhhhhh yeah, those 15 Minute EMOM’s feel like they’re about…. 5 minutes too long 😛 Which is a good thing.  I’ve got some solid plans for some more fun, long EMOMs.  You guys are gonna love it.

The workout today involves some Back Squats.  They’re meant to be heavy singles, which might be a PR, but for most, likely won’t be, and that’s OK.  3 heavy singles.  They can be the same weight, or various weights.  “Heavy” will begin at 90%.  Then a nice little WOD with some skill and MOAR SQUATS (you’re welcome, Deniz)

Sorry, I’m going to be a pest and post this every so often to remind folks to please go vote for us 🙂