CrossFit Sudbury – 28062016

Hey Friends!

Great work today!  We have done Monday’s workout before (June 30th, 2015), so if you wrote your score down, check to see if you were able to improve 🙂

We’ve got some skill practice Tuesday with Snatch balance’s and overhead squats, followed by L-Sits.  A properly performed L-sit is not an easy thing.  As you should with every movement we do, make an effort to perform your L-sits as perfectly as possible, perfection for 5 seconds is better than slop for 10.

If you find you’re having a very hard time getting into fundamental positions (deadlift or clean or snatch set up position, deep overhead squat, solid handstand position), it is likely due to flexibility, or motor control issues.  Getting checked out by Crystal, Kristin or Myself (or your therapist of choice) is a good idea, and mention to them why you’re there.  You don’t have to have pain to see any of us, and often times the smartest decision is to fix positioning BEFORE you ever experience pain.