CrossFit Sudbury – 24062016

Hey Friends!

Feeling swole and sexy?  We’re going to be working in a bit more powerlifting and “slow” lifts to continue to build up strength while we develop our speed and efficiency.  I didn’t post the extra running program yesterday as there was already running in the WOD.  Fridays running plan will be there though as there’s only a little running in the WOD.

Keep in mind – it’s nicer out so we’re running more.  Make sure you’re giving some lovin to those calves, hammies, glutes, and even directly to your achilles tendons and plantar fascia.  Roll them on top of a laX ball or squash ball.

Fridays “EMOM” will feature a fair amount less rest than earlier in the week.  That’s the point.  If you get to the point where you can’t keep up with the EMOM, Just treat it as a slow AMRAP for quality…. meaning get the rest you need between reps to make them high quality, don’t rush through crappy reps.  If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right.